AGIC GeoData Portal


This application was created to replace the AGIC Data Portal that previously existed on the UNIX platform. The objective of the project is to provide a secure environment for data sharing within the Arizona GIS community.

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Project Details

Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology: 
Drupal, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
GIS Technology: 
ESRI ArcGIS Server
Database Technology: 
Microsoft SQL Server
Project Status: 


The portal needs to provide the ability to upload, download, and search GIS data files and services. This was accomplished by providing a data input form, a catalog, the ability to download either a .zip file or to interactively 'clip n ship' a file from the map browser. Users are also able to display and query the data via the browser. A next phase of the project will add role-based permission functionality so that an agency can share data with specified portal users as well as with the public if they choose to. The hope is that the GeoData Portal can ultimately serve as the Arizona GIS Clearinghouse.

Our Solution

We implemented a Drupal 7 website with a custom Javascript Mapping Application. The CMS handles user registration and permissions as well as content access and creation. The mapping application was built on top of ESRI ArcServer. The mapping application uses custom designed toolbars along with Dojo components to deliver an intuitive user interface.