Utility Mapping with ISSR GIS Services

Figuring out the noodle soup of electrical terms for utility mapping for the non-electrical engineer GIS professional can be a bit head-spinning at times. Power plants, power stations, generators, transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, circuit breakers, and don’t forget the run of the mill meters and fuses...

More and more frequently, large scale electrical operations, such as those for a city or community must be converted from traditional management through CAD engineering systems to a full-blown enterprise GIS implementation that can not only determine where electrical elements are located, but connect to billing systems, emergency addressing protocols, cadastral information and more.

Utility Mapping with the ISSR

The ISSR GIS Services has worked with the Ak-Chin Indian Community for the last 14 years developing such an implementation and is embarking on a third year working with the Gila River Indian Community Utility Authority. These projects not only provide a bridge from utility management to planning, environmental compliance and emergency management components but inspire ASU community embeddedness and great relationships with these wonderful ASU neighboring communities!