Grant Support

An important mission of the ISSR is to provide support for faculty seeking external funding in the social sciences. We have a very broad definition of social sciences and the ISSR is very interested in supporting multi-investigator and interdisciplinary research. The support is available to researchers on all four ASU campuses. The ISSR is specifically interested in providing resources for faculty in order to improve the competitiveness of external grants.

There are two steps in the process:

  1. An initial meeting to discuss the researchers’ funding needs. In this meeting we will determine if the investigators’ requests fit with the goals of the ISSR’s mission. If the ISSR is interested in funding the project, then the investigators will be encouraged to submit a proposal for funding.
  2. The grant proposal (no more than 10 pages) will discuss the following: (a) the nature of the project and the question to be explored; (b) the intrinsic merit of the project; (c) how and why ISSR funding improves the competitiveness of the grant for external funding agencies or foundations; (d) budget outline (Personnel costs must include ERE, Risk and Netcom charges; all expenses must include ASC. See your Business Manager for current rates.); (e) timetable for work; (f) specific deadline for when the grant will be submitted to external agencies or foundations; (g) approximate amount that the investigators will be seeking from external agencies or foundations.

Researchers who are interested in learning more about the nature of the support should contact:

Patrick J. Kenney (
Dean of Social Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Director, Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-3902
Phone: 480-965-4222

Finally, all investigators will be required to submit a vita.